Welcome to the Air Pollution Research and Innovation Laboratory at the University of Waterloo! Our focus of research is air pollution. Air pollution is a global challenge. Population growth, enhanced human activities, and the rapid expansion in industrial production have led to unprecedented air pollution all over the world. The latest report of the World Health Organization (2013) has shown that over 2 million premature deaths each year are attributed to indoor and outdoor air pollution.

Canada strives to be a leader in global environmental protection, while improving public health and building a sustainable economy. However, our heavy reliance on energy-intensive industries makes it more difficult for Canada to meet its environmental commitments. With the recovery of the global economy, Canadian energy consumption is expected to keep increasing to 2025; and, air pollutant emissions will increase correspondingly. Canada needs fundamental research to support the development of cost-effective air cleaning and renewable energy technologies as well as highly qualified personnel (HQP) in the field of clean air. The long-term goals of the program are aimed at advancing knowledge in the measurement and control of air pollutants and the training of HQP in these fields.